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Andrew Leakey's Laboratory

Jennifer Quebedeaux

Photo of Jennifer Quebedeaux

Jennifer Quebedeaux, Department of Plant Biology

Curriculum Vitae

Education: Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry, Louisiana State University, 2015


My research focuses on the physiological and biochemical response of plants to elevated CO2.  Elevated atmospheric [CO2] increases photosynthesis and sugar production in C3 plants, leading to greater yield, with positive potential impacts on food supply.  I have been studying sugarbeet, soybean, and Arabidopsis to test questions about the interactions among photosynthesis, carbohydrate export, and yield.  I am also interested in examining the tradeoff between carbon gain and water loss which is critical to plant performance.  In addition to my research, I enjoy working to educate and inspire others concerning the issues of climate change and food security.