Projects We’re Working on Right Now


in silico

Cis will accurately simulate plant responses to a changing environment by linking models across different biological scales to provide a holistic view of plant system.

Mobile Energy-Crop Phenotyping Platform

TERRA-MEPP has developed affordable, autonomous robots to analyze food and bioenergy crops throughout the growing season to identify plants with desirable, heritable traits.

A Modeling Framework to Couple Food, Energy, & Water

INFEWS will integrate state-of-the-art knowledge and modeling to evaluate the coupled nature of food and bioenergy production, water quantity and quality, and climate and hydrologic processes in response to environmental forcings and human interventions.

Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency

RIPE is engineering plants to more efficiently turn the sun’s energy into food to sustainably increase worldwide food productivity.

Renewable Oil Generated with Ultra-productive Energycane

ROGUE is engineering two of the most productive American crops—energycane and Miscanthus—to produce a sustainable supply of biodiesel, biojet fuel, and bioproducts.

Water Efficient Sorghum Technologies

WEST is developing water-efficient crops that require less water per acre to produce more biomass, ensuring a sustainable source biofuel.

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