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2018, DOI:10.1111/nph.15382

Phenotyping photosynthesis on the limit – a critical examination of RACiR

New Phytologist

Samuel H. Taylor and Stephen P. Long


We are now in the phenomic era. New, rapid screening approaches that provide quality data on plant physiological performance are a priority. A recently published advance, enabled by a next generation gas exchange system (LI‐6800, Li‐Cor, Lincoln, NE, USA), is the Rapid A/CiResponse (RACiR: Stinziano et al., 2017). This technique aims to allow rapid (c. 12 min) determination of the A/ci response (net CO2 assimilation (A) response to intercellular CO2concentration (ci)), which previously required c. 40 min (standard A/ci approach). Evaluating RACiR as a means for higher throughput phenotyping reveals offsets to commonly estimated parameters from A/ci analyses; however, best practices for RACiR application and reporting should enable reliable comparisons with standard A/ci measurements.

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