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Five Illinois researchers rank among world’s most influential

Steve Long is among those named to the 2017 Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researchers list.

By: Diana Yates | Illinois News Bureau

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Could sugar help us be greener?

Hear Dr. Long discuss if increasing the production of sugarcane ethanol help to cut global carbon emissions.

By: Katie Haylor | The Naked Scientists

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45 million dollars given to U of I research group

Researchers at the U of I are trying to end world hunger and they just got 45 million dollars to help them do it.

By: Jennifer Jensen | WCIA3 News

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Illinois biologists power up plant productivity

The BTN LiveBIG campaign is more than school or sports, it is the stories and the impact of innovation, research, and inspiration from all over the conference to make you proud to be apart of the Big Ten. 

By: BTN LiveBIG Campaign

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Research seeks solutions for climate change, hunger

Researchers at the University of Illinois are taking the basics of photosynthesis miles farther in Urbana-Champaign test plots and greenhouses — intervening in the process, through which plants use sunlight to produce energy, to create higher yields.

By: Phyllis Coulter | Illinois Farmer Today

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To feed the world, improve photosynthesis

By reworking the basic metabolism of crops, plant scientists hope to forestall devastating food shortages.

By: Katherine Bourzac | MIT Technology Review 

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Research shows how to grow more cassava, one of the world’s key food crops

Despite its widespread consumption, cassava yields have not improved in a quarter of a century. 

By: Stephen P. LongAmanda P. De Souza, and Lynnicia Massenburg | University of Illinois

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Adapting plants to global change

How do you feed 7 billion people? How do you grow that much food? That’s the question that confronts plant biologists. As the world population continues to grow, and change, researchers like RIPE Director Stephen Long are looking for more ways to grow more food, more quickly.

By: Richard Jacobs | FutureTechPodcast

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Down on the farm with C-3PO

Researchers at the University of Illinois have come up with a robot that can methodically wander fields and beam back stunningly perceptive crop reports.

By: Joe Dysart | Communications for the ACM

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Altering the process of photosynthesis

See Steven Long discuss the genetic altering of plants. Photosynthesis, the process by which plants turn sunlight into food, is crucial to crop production and our food systems. What if we could increase the yield of food crops by improving photosynthesis?

By: Andrea Vasquez | SciTech Now


Cloudy days cost yield until scientists hacked photosynthesis

Throughout the growing season seemingly benign clouds pass over millions of acres of crops and inadvertently rob plants of their productivity, costing untold bushels of potential yield. Researchers recently reported in the journal Science that they have engineered a solution and increased the productivity of a crop in the field by 14- 20 percent.

By: Johannes Kromdijk | Katarzyna Głowacka | Stephen Long || The Science Breaker